Social Media For Business: Why It's Important & How To Do It [Video]
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Social Media For Business: Why It’s Important & How To Do It [Video]

Social Media For Business: Why It’s Important & How To Do It [Video]

Local software genius’s, Bluebox got in touch recently to talk about social media. They asked me if I would work with them on a series of short videos that would address some of the questions they are regularly asked by their clients about social media. We discussed some of the basics like the value of social media to a business, how to use it effectively, how to support it with great content, how social media works alongside your SEO strategies and even some advice on how to build and execute a social media marketing campaign. It was a fun day with a great team. They plied me with LOTS of coffee, asked me lots of questions and just let me witter on, like I do. Here’s the result…


Part 1: What Is The Value of Social Media?



Part 2: Investing Time & Money Into Social Media



Part 3: How To Use Social Media Effectively



Part 4: How Do SEO & Content Work With Social Media?



Part 5: How To Manage Content For Social Media



Not a bad ramble – but boy did I need some lipsalve eh? Remember, if you fancy having me witter on with you about your social media, content marketing or SEO why not take a look at our half day training session? Thanks for watching and yes, I’m available for Hollywood blockbusters.

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